Taraji P. Henson Plays ‘Amazeballs’ Game of Family Feud With Jimmy Fallon (Video)

“Empire” star faces off against late-night host in fast-paced version of classic game show

Taraji P. Henson got ultra-competitive during a game of Fast Family Feud on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” on Tuesday.

Henson, known to fans as the incomparable Cookie Lyon on Fox’s hit show “Empire,” was buzzing in before there were even questions to answer.

The first question was, “Name something in your house you hide when guests come over.” Henson almost immediately buzzed in with “The drugs!”

The “Tonight Show” game is played just like the classic game show currently hosted by Steve Harvey, but in this version, the first person to guess the number one response automatically won the round.

Henson managed to best Fallon for most of the game, but Fallon managed a stunning comeback in the final round. Surprisingly, though, neither contestant was familiar with the phrase “amazeballs.”

Watch the video above.