Matthew Perry & Allison Janney Team for ‘Mr. Sunshine’

TV vets discuss ABC’s new “Mr. Sunshine”

Last Updated: August 5, 2011 @ 3:31 PM

ABC's upcoming sports arena comedy "Mr. Sunshine" features former "Friend" Matthew Perry and "West Wing" alum Allison Janney.

Both stars appeared on a panel for the show at the annual TCA summer press tour in Beverly Hills Sunday. 

"Mr. Sunshine" is Perry's second post-"Friends" television series following the brief single season run of "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip," which ran on NBC from 2006-2007.

Prior to the conclusion of "Friends" in 2004, Perry flirted with a feature film career. He said he's not currently thinking about making another run at the silver screen.

"You can tell how successful the movies are by the fact that I'm here," Perry joked.

He's doing double duty as "Mr. Sunshine's" creator and lead actor, but most of the reporters at TCA were focusing on his past work. The big question on everyone's minds was whether any of his former castmates will make cameos.

So, will we be seeing any other former "Friends" stars on "Mr. Sunshine?"

"I think ultimately, yes, but in the very beginning I really want to convey that this is something new," Perry said.

Janney was originally supposed to be starring this fall in Showtime's dysfunctional family dramedy "Shameless." She had to drop that for "Sunshine."

"I envisioned myself running from one stage to another changing costumes, it just turned out that ABC, they wanted me all to themselves — it was like a boyfriend," Janney said.

Janney said ABC was willing to let her spend three days a week on "Shameless," which wasn't enough to make it possible for her to do both shows.

"The people at 'Shameless,' they wanted that character to have a bigger arc … no regrets," said Janney.

"Mr. Sunshine" is slated to air as a midseason replacement.

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