The Metaverse and NFTs Are ‘Here to Stay,’ Says CAA’s Head of Business Development (Podcast)

”Tech vs Media“ podcast: Michael Yanover predicts non-fungible tokens will shape our daily lives, entertainment and anything IP-based

Michael Yanover, CAA’s head of business development, insisted that the Metaverse and NFTs are not fads or the latest technology trend, but are in fact “here to stay.”

“It’s a big space and I don’t think it’s going away at all,” Yanover said of NFTs and the Metaverse on TheWrap’s “Tech vs Media” podcast with host Richard Wolpert, adding that CAA recently hired a chief metaverse officer. “I think it needs to find its footing for sure. Was there maybe a little bit more excitement than there ought to have been at the beginning? Maybe. But man, this is this a powerful thing. This is not going away.”

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