Canela Media CEO Says Speed Gives an Edge in Spanish Market: ‘Dinosaurs Cannot Move as Fast’ (Podcast)

”Tech vs. Media“ podcast: Isabel Rafferty Zavala says innovation is at the root of the digital and streaming entertainment company

Canela Media is only three years old, but founder and CEO Isabel Rafferty Zavala believes the company, which includes Canela TV, Canela Music, Canela News and the upcoming Canela Kids, has the edge on more established Spanish-language media companies.

“We’re rooted in innovation. I think that’s the difference. Most [digital TV] does come from entertainment, we come from the ad tech side first,” she said on this week’s episode of TheWrap’s “Tech vs. Media” podcast with host Richard Wolpert. “By creating technologies [for] the Latino community, we believe that’s the best way to compete against Univision and Telemundo.”

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Sharon Knolle

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