Terry Crews Says ‘High-Level’ Hollywood Exec ‘Groped My Privates’ at Party Last Year

“Harvey Weinstein is not the only predator,” Crews says

Terry Crews
Actor Terry Crews

Terry Crews used Twitter on Tuesday to recount his own tale of sexual misconduct at the hands of a Hollywood executive.

The “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” actor said a “high level Hollywood executive came over 2 me and groped my privates” at an industry function in 2016.

“I was going to kick his ass right then — but I thought twice about how the whole thing would appear,” Crews wrote on the social media site.

Here is his full story:

Crews’ revelation comes five days after the New York Times exposed decades of Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein’s sexual misconduct towards women, which has dominated the entertainment and media news cycle since. In a subsequent piece published Tuesday by the New Yorker, three women accused Weinstein of rape.

Another particularly disgusting allegation against Weinstein came from New York television reporter Lauren Sivan, who told HuffPo that the movie mogul once cornered her in an empty restaurant and tried to kiss her. When she refused, Weinstein masturbated in front of her, Sivan said, ejaculating into a potted plant.

Also on Tuesday, Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie shared their own personal stories about Weinstein’s ways when they were young actresses. Weinstein was fired from The Weinstein Company on Sunday.