The CW to Program Original Shows on Sunday Nights for First Time in 9 Years

Youngest-skewing broadcast net will add two more primetime hours per week in 2018-19 season

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The CW

The CW will air a primetime block of shows on Sunday nights next season. It will mark the first time the broadcaster has nationally programmed the specific evening in 9 years.

From 2006-2009, The CW programmed first-run shows from 7-10 p.m. on Sundays. Those hours were given back to affiliates after ’09, however. This time around, the youngest-skewing broadcast network will nationally program originals from 8-10 p.m., expanding to 12 hours of primetime series each week.

And why not? The growing net is up 3 percent in primetime total viewers this season versus last.

“By expanding to six nights, The CW is now able to give our fans even more of the series they’re so passionate about. Broadcasting remains the foundation of our multi-platform approach to bringing our programming to viewers. Over the past seven years, The CW has added more than 80 hours of original scripted programming to its schedule — now that number can continue to climb, as we grow our broadcast lineup, and continue to add content on every platform,” said CW President Mark Pedowitz. “I’d like to thank Chris and Ann for being instrumental in making this happen, and to thank all of our station groups for being such terrific partners as we add Sundays to our primetime schedule this fall on all our affiliates across the country.”

NBC, CBS and ABC program 22 hours a week, three hours Monday-Saturday and four on Sundays. Fox programs 15 hours, which breaks down to two hours Monday-Saturday and three on Sunday.

Chris Brooks and Ann Miyagi led The CW’s efforts to make Sundays happen again, working with Sinclair Broadcast Group, Tribune Broadcasting, CBS Television Stations, and Nexstar Media Group. The affiliate groups had a lot to say about the deal — read their statements below.

“As one of the largest CW affiliate groups, we are excited to see The CW Network reaffirm its commitment to broadcasting by expanding its schedule to Sunday night,” added Chris Ripley, president and CEO of Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc. “We value our relationship and look forward to an even stronger audience following with more of The CW’s popular primetime programming.”

“We are very pleased with the growth and success of The CW over its 12-year history and look forward to welcoming the expansion of the Network’s primetime schedule to 12 hours,” said Peter Dunn, president, CBS Television Stations. “Mark and his team have done a tremendous job of putting together a terrific MondayFriday schedule. We are excited to partner with them to grow our ratings and revenue by adding original series programming on Sunday nights.”

“Through our station affiliations, Nexstar and The CW have built a deep and successful long-term relationship based on a shared commitment to the growing number of viewers and markets we serve throughout the country,” said Perry A. Sook, chairman, president and CEO of Nexstar Media Group, Inc. “We are delighted that The CW is adding a sixth night of its unique brand of acclaimed programming, as when combined with Nexstar’s high quality, original, local news and other exclusive local content, we are delivering great entertainment and information to viewers and an excellent marketing solutions platform for local and national advertisers.”