‘The Daily Show’ Fact Checks Fox Business GOP Debate (Video)

Senior political analyst Desi Lydic finds Ben Carson, Donald Trump and Carly Fiorina made some dubious statements

Comedy Central

“The Daily Show” did some fact checking on claims made by Republican candidates during the fourth GOP Presidential debate on Wednesday’s episode.

Host Trevor Noah introduced senior political analyst Desi Lydic and the new segment “What the Actual Fact?” First up was Ben Carson, who claimed that the jobless rate has increased every time the minimum wage has been raised.

“In the last 37 years, the number of jobless people has decreased four times after a raise in the minimum wage,” Lydic said. “I’m rating his statement as false, or as Dr. Ben Carson calls it, autobiographical.”

Next up was Trump’s claim that he knew Russian President Vladimir Putin after they both appeared on a recent episode of “60 Minutes.”

“Technically, Trump and Putin did appear on the same episode of ’60 Minutes,’” Lydic said. “In two completely unrelated segments, that were shot in different cities, in different countries, on different continents.”

Carly Fiorina also claimed to know Putin during the debate, but took a swipe at Trump when she said she didn’t meet him in a “green room for a show, but in a private meeting.” Lydic then played a clip of Fiorina from “The Tonight Show” where she said she met Putin in “sort of a green room setting.”

Watch the video.