‘The Danish Girl’ Star Alicia Vikander on Women’s Roles in Hollywood: ‘There Is a Change Happening’ (Video)

TheWrap Screening series: Actress stars alongside Eddie Redmayne in drama, which hits theaters this Friday

While plenty of women have chimed in on the issue of inequality in Hollywood and the gender pay gap, “The Danish Girl” star Alicia Vikander believes things are improving.

“It is the reality; I’ve been extremely lucky,” Vikander told the audience at TheWrap’s screening of the film at the Landmark theater on Tuesday night. “I’ve played some really extraordinary, strong, female-layered roles. I think there is a change happening, I’ve seen it.”

The first time she was made aware of the problem was when someone reminded her of the fact that she had done four films in which she was the lead, but she hadn’t done one scene within these films with another actress.

“It’s wonderful to see that with ‘Divergent’ and ‘Hunger Games,’ and even the big blockbuster movies have incredible female leads showing that they can bring as much of a financial box office as anybody else,” she added. “I think just by what we do, talking about it, I think gradually… it’s about, with any change, it’s about bringing the subject up.”

“The Danish Girl,” starring Eddie Redmayne and Vikander, arrives in theaters this Friday.