‘The Girl on the Train’ First Trailer: Sex, Booze, Murder in Spades

CinemaCon 2016: First look at the film based on the bestselling novel promises engrossing psychological mystery

girl on the train

“The Girl on the Train” arrived to CinemaCon 2016 on Wednesday in a steamy, suspenseful trailer introduced personally by director Tate Taylor.

Unveiled during Universal’s slate presentation to movie exhibitors, the adaptation of the best-selling novel showed a seriously dressed-down Emily Blunt as a tormented murder suspect.

“I don’t think any beauty campaigns are coming Emily’s way after this,” Taylor joked.

We learn that Rachel Watson (Blunt) witnesses the mysterious disappearance of a woman while on her commute. An investigator, played by consistent Taylor hire Allison Janney, connects Watson to the missing blonde, named Megan Atwell (Haley Bennett).

It turns out Atwell is the nanny for Watson’s ex-husband (Justin Theroux) — and he seems awfully chummy with his hired help.

With mascara smeared on her face and her next drink never far away, it becomes clear Watson is not only burdened — she’s a danger to herself and others.

Watson was in the area the night Atwell was last seen, the trailer says. The question looms: Did she kill the nanny? There’s a big, thorny plot to unravel as the trailer also raises a lot questions — and skirts, for that matter. Tons of flesh and intrigue in this quaint New York suburb.

The film also features Luke Evans, Laura Prepon, Edgar Ramirez, Rebecca Ferguson, and Lisa Kudrow, “The Girl on the Train” rolls into theaters Oct. 7.