‘The Martian’ Dominates New Releases on Social Media 4 Weeks After Stellar Box Office Debut

Matt Damon’s space adventure prompted over 55,000 tweets this week, four times as much as this weekend’s newcomers

Matt Damon portrays the titular hero in THE MARTIAN.

Four new movies are hitting theaters this weekend, but none are coming close to generating the same amount of social media buzz “The Martian” continues to deliver four weeks after its stellar $54.3 million box office debut.

Just this week, the film about stranded astronaut Mark Watney (Matt Damon) was mentioned in 55,623 tweets. That’s double the amount of the 25,804 tweets mentioning “Goosebumps” in the past seven days, and close to four times as much as newcomers “Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse,” “Burnt” and “Our Brand is Crisis” were mentioned on Twitter.

“Our Brand is Crisis,” starring Sandra Bullock, Billy Bob Thornton and Anthony Mackie, was tweeted about 15,827 times. That’s two and a half more times than “Scouts Guide,” a movie that only had 25,400 followers on Twitter. However, Bullock’s drama about political campaign marketing tactics has no official Twitter page at all.

Bradley Cooper‘s “Burnt,” a dramedy about a bad boy chef who’s lost his creative drive, only stirred up 4,067 tweets. The film directed by John Wells is doing better on Facebook, though. In the past week, it gained 22,845 likes from it’s original 1,000 fans.

While “Scouts Guide” led the pack in attracting Facebook likes this week (up 52,210), “The Martian” is still the champion with total Facebook likes of 394,675, including an additional 16,480 likes this week. In second place is “Goosebumps” with 12,656 likes this week bringing its total to 320,000. “Our Brand is Crisis” grew on Facebook by 2,209 likes, which bring its total to 53,263.

“The Martian” grossed $20.9 million this past week, down 25.6 percent from its previous week where it made $28.2 million. In total, the film has made 20th Century Fox $108 million domestically and $223 million abroad.

It is expected to battle “Goosebumps” for the No. 1 spot this weekend, while “Hotel Transylvania 2” and Tom Hanks Cold War drama “Bridge of Spies” are expected to fall in third and fourth.

See how the five movies tracked on Twitter this week in the chart below.