‘The Offering’ First Trailer Will Make You Stop Dead in Your Tracks (Exclusive Video)

The film starring Matthew Settle and Elizabeth Rice hits cinemas and VOD on May 6

Last Updated: March 30, 2016 @ 9:21 AM

The first official trailer for the new exorcism thriller, “The Offering” will stop you dead in your tracks as you witness a demonic entity use new technology to complete an ancient mission.

Starring Matthew Settle (“Gossip Girl”) and Elizabeth Rice (“Mad Men”), a young woman starts investigating into her sister’s death, which the coroner believes was caused by self-asphyxiation.

Finding other victims who had something similar happen to them, she joins forces with her sister’s husband (Settle) and finds a symbol that relates to all incidents.

“The Offering” is written and directed by Kelvin Tong.

Watch the video above.