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‘The Pyramid’ Trailer Offers Thrills and Kills With Ashley Hinshaw, Denis O’Hare (Video)

“American Horror Story” star leads a group of archeologists into an Egyptian abyss

If you thought exploring ancient pyramids might be fun, the first trailer for 20th Century Fox found footage horror movie “The Pyramid” will make you think again.

The Dec. 5 release follows a team of U.S. archaeologists entering a newly discovered pyramid in Egypt, and then getting stuck inside. Like familiar set ups, including “The Descent” and “Quarantine,” they’re not alone.

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In fact, hieroglyphics warn the pyramid is actually “a labyrinth built with the purpose of keeping whatever is inside from escaping.”

Ancient aliens?

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Maybe those experts on the Discovery Channel weren’t so crazy after all.

Alexandre Aja, the director of “The Hills Have Eyes” and upcoming Daniel Radcliffe horror “Horns,” produced the movie starring Denis O’Hare (“American Horror Story”), Ashley Hinshaw (“True Blood”) and James Buckley (“The Inbetweeners”).