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‘The View’ Hosts Don’t Get Why All These Guys Like Michael Strahan Want to Go to Space: ‘What’s the Purpose?’ (Video)

”When’s he gonna get time from his 27 jobs?“ Joy Behar jokes of Strahan

Michael Strahan will be the next celebrity headed up to space on Jeff Bezos’ New Shepherd rocket — and the women of “The View” have no idea why. But to be fair, it’s not about the fact that Strahan was selected. They just don’t understand why he, and men in general, are so willing to go to space.

During Tuesday’s episode of “The View,” guest host Kristen Soltis Anderson pointed out there’s a huge disparity when it comes to men wanting to go to space versus women wanting to go. “Women, by a 32-62 margin, say no thank you,” she noted, adding that she herself would never consider space travel.

When Whoopi Goldberg implied that she’d maybe consider it if the trip was free, Sunny Hostin also stood firm about not wanting to go.

“I don’t think it’s without risk. Second of all, I mean, you know you get into a plane because you have to necessarily travel. You get into a car, because you gotta travel,” Hostin argued. “But like, what’s the purpose [of getting in a rocket]? Are you doing some sort of science research or something? No. I don’t like it! What’s the purpose?”

Host Sara Haines noted that Strahan in particular has “lived a big, awesome life” and said she thinks a trip to space is just the next big, awesome thing for the “Good Morning America” host. Even so, Hostin wasn’t sold on the idea.

“And he’s a big dude!” Hostin added. “Michael’s, like, what, 6’ 3”, 6’ 4”? Why’s he getting in some little spaceship?”

Host Joy Behar also admitted she’d never want to leave Earth, and joked that she’s unclear on how Strahan is going to, simply based on his busy hosting schedule. “When’s he gonna get time from his 27 jobs?” she joked.

Goldberg agreed with just about every point made, but in the end, she made it clear that if this is something that will make Strahan happy, then she’s all for it.

“Listen, you know and we know that he’s gonna have a great time,” Whoopi said. “This is something he wants to do and I say go ahead, Michael! Have a great time without us! We’ll see you when you get back!”