‘The View’: Joy Behar Says Texas Abortion Ban Effectively Creates ‘Taliban in America’

Co-host Sunny Hostin also worries that it will lead to “terror against doctors”

Joy Behar
The View

“The View” returned for its 25th season on Tuesday, and Joy Behar wasted no time in getting back into the swing of things. Discussing the recent anti-abortion law passed in Texas, the host was blunt about her feelings on it, saying that it is effectively creating an American version of the Taliban.

The law bans abortions as soon as a fetal heartbeat can be detected, which is typically around six weeks. And, at six weeks, most women don’t know they’re pregnant yet. It also allows private citizens to sue abortion providers and anyone involved in facilitating abortions — including anyone who drives a woman to a clinic to get an abortion. As it stands, anyone who successfully prosecutes another person would win at least $10,000. And that particular aspect is where Behar took most issue.

“Well you know, they’re worried about the Taliban, and the Taliban women. Worry about Taliban in America because that’s what these guys are really,” Behar said.

Speaking on the bill itself, the panel of women unanimously agreed that it should not stand, as it fundamentally goes against Roe v. Wade, which guaranteed a woman’s right to choose. Host Sunny Hostin, who is also a lawyer, did note that she thinks the law will be overturned though.

“If it gives anyone any solace, I do not think that this law will stand,” Hostin said. “Because it flies in the face of the constitution and a woman’s right to privacy. And people’s right to privacy. I think what we really need to be concerned about is the October term of the Supreme Court when Roe v. Wade is really going to be challenged.”

Hostin also added that she’s worried that Texas’ law will lead to unnecessary challenges to medical professionals.

“This is going to lead to, I think, terror against doctors. Terror against clinics,” Hostin added.


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