‘The View’: Meghan McCain Says Trump Should Be Dragged From Office ‘By His Toes’ (Video)

“I don’t understand why people on Capitol Hill aren’t demanding that this end,” co-host says

'The View': Meghan McCain Goes Says Trump Should Be 'Dragged Out' of Office 'By His Toes' (Video)

Meghan McCain is still fuming about the U.S. Capitol riots, and she wants Trump — and the entire Republican party — to take responsibility for what happened.

On Tuesday’s episode of “The View,” the subject of Trump’s possible second impeachment was still on the table, and McCain had a lot to say.

“It’s absolute lunacy, [that] was my first reaction originally after the attack on Capitol Hill,” McCain said. “We are talking about the possible disruption of the peaceful transfer of power, which, as I have said before, is the bedrock that makes us Americans. So if he can’t take some responsibility, I don’t understand how he’s not being dragged out by his toes by Mitch McConnell.”

McCain is so furious at Trump and her own Republican party that she went so far as to say that she and Joy Behar, the “View” co-host that she got into a dramatic fight with earlier this month — are “echoing each other.”

“The thing that I have to live with right now — and this isn’t about me, but I am an avatar for so many Republicans in the country — is that it doesn’t matter what my principles are, it doesn’t matter that I was raised a Reagan conservative… all that matters is now, I’m the freak in a Viking helmet outside the Capitol and the one that stormed inside,” McCain said, referring to Jake Angeli, a 32-year-old QAnon supporter who dressed up as a Viking at the Capitol riots and was mistaken by some on the internet for Jamiroquai lead singer Jay Kay.

“For those of us that are the real conservatives, that are going to have to deal with this mess and pick up the ashes and somehow move forward, I don’t understand why people on Capitol Hill aren’t demanding that this end. Because as long as we take no culpability for what happened, and I say ‘we’ as the collective Republican party, there is no future for this party,” she continued. “There is none. If the president’s going to keep saying things like that and we’re not going to hold him accountable, this is dead, and we can call it over.”

She quickly went back on that last part, though.

“Actually it’s not, because people like me who aren’t octogenarians are still going to be able to pick it up and hopefully move forward, because I still am a Bill Buckley conservative. But watching that is disgraceful, and I don’t know how much more of this everyone can take, as I keep saying. I’m sorry to be so upset, but we’re living in the Twilight Zone.”

Watch the clip above.


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