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‘The View’ Rips Trump for Wooing Michigan Lawmakers: ‘It’s a Coup!’ (Video)

”It’s pathetic and this cowardice must end“

The ladies of “The View” had quite a few thoughts Friday morning about the latest sneak move Donald Trump is trying to pull on the American people.

Since his lawyers keep quitting and his election lawsuits are getting smacked down by the handful, the sitting president decided to get crafty with his next strategy. This week, he called Republican lawmakers in the swing state of Michigan, which he lost to Joe Biden, and invited them to the White House in an apparent effort to stop them from certifying the electoral results in Biden’s favor.

“The View” co-host Sunny Hostin was extremely opposed to the move, emphatically calling the move “a coup” during Friday’s show.

The term “coup” can either stand on its own or be shortened from the French term “coup d’etat.” Merriam-Webster defines the latter as “a sudden decisive exercise of force in politics,” and “the violent overthrow or alteration of an existing government by a small group.”

Fellow host Whoopi Goldberg was similarly baffled over how Trump could get away with the Michigan move.

“Why would that not be thought of as tampering?” she said. “I think the American people are smart enough — maybe they don’t want to accept it — but they’re smart enough to know B.S. when they see it.”

She added, “I’m curious, why do [Trump’s lawyers] keep going into court and getting turned down, and why do people keep giving them a platform?”

Co-host Ana Navarro stepped in to explain why, calling the president’s’s efforts “pathetic.”

“Think about the last four years and how much Donald Trump has gotten away with. He really thinks he can get away with changing the election results,” she said. “And it is the reason why other Republicans have got to join those five Republican governors that met with Joe Biden yesterday — have got to join Mitt Romney who spoke up against this yesterday. Republicans right now have got to take their country back. They cannot claim to be the constitutional government, the constitutional party, while this guy is overturning the Constitution. It’s pathetic and this cowardice must end.”

Watch the clip below.