‘The View’: Whoopi Accidentally Refers to Nick Offerman as Dick Offerman and Her Cohosts Don’t Let Her Forget It

“I know his name is Nick. Relax!” the ABC host says to close out the show

The View

The women of “The View” are known to have Freudian slips here and there and, after host Sara Haines had one last month, it was Whoopi Goldberg’s turn on Thursday morning. The ABC host accidentally referred to guest Nick Offerman as Dick Offerman, and they made sure she didn’t forget it.

Offerman stopped by the show along with “The Farmer’s Wife” author Helen Rebanks, but when Whoopi went to introduce the pair, she misspoke.

“Please welcome Dick — whoop!” Whoopi said, immediately catching herself. “Nick Offerman!”

As the duo took their spots at the table, neither said anything about the slip, nor did Whoopi or the other hosts. Of course, that didn’t mean they missed what happened. They just waited a bit.

When “The View” returned from commercial break for another segment with Offerman and Rebanks, Whoopi made a point to stand from her chair to reintroduce them, and put heavy emphasis on Offerman’s first name.

When Haines had the first question, Whoopi also made a point to interrupt her to confirm Haines referred to him as Nick.

“I didn’t say Dick!” Haines said, prompting laughter from the table.

At that point, Offerman himself chimed in, joking, “I answer to either.” The interview then moved forward once again. But still, Whoopi made sure to emphasize his name when doing the outro to the segment.

As the show came to an end after one more commercial break, Whoopi made sure to joke about her slip one last time. “I know his name is Nick. Relax!” she concluded.

“The View” airs weekdays at 11 a.m. ET on ABC.


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