Norman Reedus Battles Hoverboard Zombies for Jimmy Kimmel (Video)

Daryl Dixon has no time for new electric scooters in ABC late-night sketch

For the first time, Norman Reedus had to battle the dead when they weren’t exactly walking.

“The Walking Dead” star appeared in a sketch on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Tuesday as Daryl Dixon scavenging his way through a parking garage.

He finds a delivery van full of empty hoverboard boxes. Having spent the last few years in the depths of the apocalypse, Daryl is baffled by the new electric scooters.

Suddenly, a herd of walkers on hoverboards round the corner and head straight for him. He uses his trusty crossbow to drop a few but they just keep coming.

Luckily, hoverboards can’t go up stairs.

Watch the video above to see how Daryl handles the situation like a pro.