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There’s No Greater Power Than a Mother’s Love in Cannes Jury Prize Winner ‘Mommy’ Trailer (Video)

Xavier Dolan’s Canadian film stars Anne Dorval as a widowed mother struggling to raise her violent son

In less than three minutes, the trailer for filmmaker Xavier Dolan‘s “Mommy” showcases the power of a mother’s love in the wake of overwhelming stress and turmoil. Anne Dorval plays Diane, who’s getting beaten down by life both professionally and at home.

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Diane is a widowed mother struggling to raise her troubled son, Steve, played by Antoine-Olivier Pilon. While we’re only given glimpses of his darker side, the bits of violence we see capture the sense of lurking terror that Diane must go through every day.

But a mother’s love is the strongest bond on earth, and even when her son’s unpredictable and dangerous behavior frightens her and puts her in harm’s way, Diane only hunkers down and loves her son even more.

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“Mommy” took the 2014 Cannes Film Festival by storm, winning the Jury Prize. It’s already under Oscar consideration as Canada selected the French-language film as its submission for Best Foreign Language Film at the 87th Academy Awards.

Dolan wrote and directed the film, which was produced by Nancy Grant. It co-stars Suzanne Clement as a mysterious neighbor who becomes embroiled in the lives of Diane and Steve, as well as Alexandre Goyette and Patrick Huard.