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‘Think Like A Man Too’s’ Regina Hall Reenacts ‘Scary Movie’ Brenda Scene: Kevin Hart Needs to Keep It Down (Video)

The actress re-creates famous movie theater scene as her character Brenda from the Wayan Brothers’ spoof

“Think Like a Man Too” star Regina Hall recently sat down with TheWrap to dish about the cast’s wild time shooting the movie, which opened at No. 1 at the weekend box office.

During the wide-ranging interview, Hall talked jail scenes, strip clubs and blackjack tables. “You can’t help but party in Vegas, it’s something in the air,” she told TheWrap’s Anita Bennett during an episode of “Drinking With the Stars.”

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The talk about her present film then turned to one of the actress’ memorable past projects — “Scary Movie.”

Hall played Anna Faris‘ sidekick Brenda in the Wayans’ spoof comedy and at TheWrap’s executive editor Joseph Kapsch’s request, the actress reenacted her classic “Scary Movie” theater scene. In the hilarious original film clip (below), Hall’s character had some choice words for fellow moviegoers who talk during movies or as she referred to them, “all you talkers up in here.”

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As it turns out coincidentally, Hall revealed that co-star Kevin Hart and his family apparently talked up a storm during a screening of “About Last Night.” Watch the video above for her message to Hart and the “Scary Movie” re-creation.

Big thanks to Regina Hall for being such a great sport.

“Think Like a Man Too” is now playing in theaters nationwide.

Watch Hall’s original “Scary Move” Brenda scene and more of TheWrap’s interview below: