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‘This Is Us’ Premiere Brings Tears to Viewers, Confusion to One Direction Fans

Some cry over the poignant plot, others because Harry Styles isn’t somehow involved

NBC’s new series “This Is Us” premiered Tuesday night, sending viewers rushing to express their love of the show and shock at the premiere episode’s surprise twist (which those who aren’t afraid of spoilers can read about here).

The premiere episode of the series, which stars Justin Hartley, Sterling K. Brown, Chrissy Metz, Milo Ventimiglia and Mandy Moore, opened up the waterworks for many viewers, who shared a group cry via Twitter.

“What a great guest role by Gerald McRainey. Started the waterworks,” offered one viewer.

“If you didn’t tweet about crying during #ThisIsUs, your emotions aren’t real,” posited another viewer.

“If you don’t like emotions, this is not the show for you,” cautioned yet another viewer.

And then there were those who saw #ThisIsUs trending on Twitter, only to be dismayed when they discovered that it wasn’t a reference to the 2013 documentary of the same title starring One Direction.

“That moment when you thought this was about One Direction’s movie #ThisIsUs,” offered one disappointed Twitter user.

“Everyone is tweeting about #ThisIsUs and i keep thinking they’re talking about the one direction documentary :(,” lamented another 1D fan.

Oh well; maybe a crossover is in order?

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