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‘Thor’ Script Leak Brings Down Paramount and Marvel Thunder

A cameo by Hawkeye? A Hulk reference? Comic blog seems to have stumbled onto an authentic ”Thor“ script — and the producer and distributor are not happy about it

They don't call 'Thor" the "God of Thunder" for nothing.

The webmaster for a comic-book movie blog said a contributor's review of what appeared to be an authentic "Thor" script elicted speedy calls from Paramount lawyers asking him to take it down less than an hour after it was posted.

Jim Littler, who operates ComicBookMovie.com, said he also received a call from a "detective" from Marvel, which is producing "Thor" for distributor Paramount, trying to find out where the script came from.

Contacted by TheWrap, a Marvel spokesperson said he would look into the matter. Calls into Paramount were not returned.

"Thor" is set for release May 6.

The leak of the upcoming God of Thunder blockbuster certainly hits all the right notes in the Marvel universe … especially in anticipation of the upcoming "Avengers" movie directed by Joss Whedon.

The "Thor" script that ComicBookMovie.com obtained has — as TheWrap reported before — a cameo by Hawkeye, the character played by Jeremy Renner of "Hurt Locker" fame.

There is also a "Dr. Pym" mentioned, which is likely Dr. Francis Pym (aka Ant-man). That character has been mentioned several times as a possible cameo in "The Avengers" and a movie of his own.

Then there is the big one.

The script mentions a pioneer in gamma radiation which can only be a reference to Dr. Bruce Banner (aka the Hulk). The muscle-bound, green-skinned Hulk is to be played by "The Kids Are All Right" Oscar nominee Mark Ruffalo.

So is it a real script?

"The script itself is pretty epic," the ComicBookMovie.com. "The writer captured the essence of every character perfectly. The arrogance of Thor, the trickery of Loki, the vanity of Fandral, the lovable and ever so hungry nature of Volstagg, the broodiness of Hogun, the courage of Sif, and the godliness of Odin. The script was definitely written by someone who is a fan of these characters and knows them well. There is no way anyone will be disappointed by the characterizations of these characters"

Meanwhie, Littler said the exceptional speed with which Paramount and Marvel responded leads him to believe the script might be a little more than "fan fiction."