Tim Tebow Will Attempt to Play Professional Baseball

Former NFL QB plans to workout for Major League Baseball teams later this month

Tim Tebow

College football legend-turned-failed NFL quarterback Tim Tebow is actively pursuing a return to the field. However, his new goal is to wind up on a baseball field, not football, according to ESPN.

Tebow plans to workout for Major League Baseball teams later this month, his agents told ESPN.

The site reports that Tebow has been training in Arizona and Los Angeles in an attempt to prove he can play in MLB.

“Obviously we support Tim in his pursuit of a baseball career, as we have in all his ventures,” Tebow’s football agent, Jimmy Sexton told ESPN. “Tim’s athletic ability, his work ethic, his leadership and his competitiveness were evident in football and will show in baseball. Knowing Tim’s passion and desire, we won’t be surprised by anything he accomplishes.”

Back in 2005, Tebow was an All-State baseball player in Florida and hit .494 as a junior, but has not played regularly in over a decade. He will turn 29 on Sunday and will continue to work as a broadcaster for ESPN while he pursues a baseball career, according to the company.

“This may sound like a publicity stunt, but nothing could be further from the truth. I have seen Tim’s workouts, and people inside and outside the industry – scouts, executives, players and fans – will be impressed by his talent,” Brodie Van Wagenen, co-head of CAA Baseball, said in a statement.

Van Wagenen continued: “As an agent, I have a genuine respect for how hard it is to succeed at the game of baseball and a true admiration for those who possess the talent to play it at the Major League level. Tim’s tool set is real. His physicality is unique in professional baseball. His work ethic is unprecedented, and his passion for the game is infectious.”

Former MLB catcher Chad Moeller has been working with Tebow.

“I am beyond impressed with Tim’s athleticism and swing, and it goes without saying that he has shown a high level of discipline and strong work ethic. I see bat speed and power and real baseball talent. I truly believe Tim has the skill set and potential to achieve his goal of playing in the Major Leagues, and based on what I have seen over the past two months, it could happen relatively quickly,” Moeller said.

All 30 MLB teams will be invited to Tebow’s workout at the end of the month, according to ESPN.