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Pandora’s Westergren at TheGrill: Is Tour Promotion Next? (Video)

The popular internet radio's co-founder isn't worried about the lack of profitability –or a challenge from Spotify

Want to find out when a musical artist you like is coming to town? Pandora will tell you.

While the online music service has spent the last decade attempting to transform music radio, it could also be instrumental in revolutionizing another key part of the music industry – the touring business –co-founder Tim Westergren said on Tuesday at TheGrill, TheWrap’s annual media conference.

Because of the amount of information Pandora collects about its users – registering requires revealing your gender, age and zip code – it can tell its customers when their favorite artists are playing near them.

“That is a recipe for solving, in my opinion, what is the most important or second most important challenge for musicians – how to get people to come see you play live,” Westergren told moderator, TheWrap's Brent Lang, on stage Beverly Hills' SLS Hotel.

Watch Westergren's full session at TheGrill in the video.

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