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Time Travel and Irresponsible Teenagers Don’t Mix in New ‘Project Almanac’ Trailer (Video)

The found footage thriller will be released Jan. 30, 2015

Time travel gets the “Chronicle” effect in a new found footage thriller about a group of teenage friends who invent a machine that gets them in way over their heads.

Newcomers Jonny Weston, Sofia Black-D’Elia, Sam Lerner, Allen Evangelista and Ginny Gardner play the teens at the center of the drama, who immediately use their newfound time travel abilities to do fun things like work up the courage to talk to a crush, stand up to a bully, win the lottery and buy expensive cars.

But naturally, it goes south pretty quickly as they discover their changing the past have larger consequences, leading to plane crashes, riots and other disasters, and soon they themselves begin disappearing.

Dean Israelite directed the film produced by Michael Bay‘s Platinum Dunes.

“Project Almanac” will be released Jan. 30, 2015. Watch the newest trailer above.