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‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’s’ Tituss Burgess Says He ‘Sobbed Uncontrollably’ When He Received His First Emmy Nomination

Netflix series star also reveals who he thinks got snubbed this year

Tituss Burgess, who plays Titus Andromedon on the Netflix series “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,” is overwhelmed with his first Emmy nomination.

“I sobbed uncontrollably because I never thought I’d be nominated, because the Emmys are so important,” the actor told TheWrap in an interview. “This is amazing. I mean, I don’t win anything.”

Burgess was nominated Supporting Actor In A Comedy Series, while his co-star Jane Krakowski nabbed the nom for Supporting Actress In A Comedy Series. “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” was nominated for Outstanding Comedy Series.

Read TheWrap’s full interview with Burgess below.

TheWrap: What was your immediate reaction when you found out you were nominated?
Tituss Burgess: 
I sobbed uncontrollably because I never thought I’d be nominated, because the Emmys are so important. This is amazing. I mean, I don’t win anything. I don’t get nominated for things. It just blew my mind.

How do you plan to celebrate?
I actually promised a friend of mine that I would coach him on an audition for a musical. So I’m going to coach him on a song for his audition.

Who is your stiffest competition in your category?
As far as I’m concerned, Titus competes with himself. I don’t subscribe to any of that bulls–t.

What were the biggest snubs this year?
Ellie Kemper, Ellie Kemper, Ellie Kemper. And was my girl [Eva Green] from “Penny Dreadful” nominated?

No, she wasn’t.
I don’t get it. I don’t know if people are not watching this show, but this woman’s performance is outstanding. What she delivers on camera just is magical. I’m so excited that Season 2 is over and I can’t wait for Season 3. Performances like hers make me almost wish we did not have award ceremonies, because I feel like it diminishes, in a way, what she offers just walking into the room showing up for her job. What she does is so  magical. She is brilliant.

If anybody ever discouraged you in your career, would you rub it in their face should you win?
To be honest, a couple years ago that might have been the case, but I’ve spent so much of my energy focusing on what I want, that I don’t think about the people who are not in favor of what I do, because that’s wasted energy. My very presence will rub them the wrong way. So I don’t need to do anything extra to ruffle any feathers.

What’s your secret weapon for wowing Emmy voters between now and the awards ceremony?
[Laughs] There’s no such thing. I was nominated. I already won. If I don’t win the award it’s inconsequential. If they give it to me, I’ll be most appreciative and it will not be lost on me. But I will continue to wow them by being Tituss with two S’s, because that’s what I always was before playing Titus with one S and that’s what I always will be.