TLC’s ‘Little Couple’ to Return in December (Exclusive Video)

New season will find Bill and Jen juggling family fun with health troubles

“The Little Couple” will deal with some big issues again starting next month.

TLC’s “The Little Couple” returns for a new season beginning Dec. 2 at 9 p.m., with titular pair Bill and Jen attempting to work in time with their kids as they grapple with heavy-duty health troubles.

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As the series returns, Jen is recovering from her battle with cancer and due for her six-month oncology checkup. Meanwhile, Bill is struggling with a major back issue that can impact the entire family.

But as the following preview proves, the couple’s medical difficulties have only made them more determined to spend time with their children, four-year-old Will and Zoey, 3. Hopscotch, horseback riding, fishing — all are on the schedule for family fun as the new season opens.

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Another struggle for Bill: Wrestling with the realization that the couple’s little ones will grow into adults some day.

“The selfish part of me wants to keep them as cute little kids,” Bill says in the preview. “The proud dad in me thrilled to see that my kids are doing as well as they are.”

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Watch the sneak peek at “The Little Couple” below.