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Todrick Hall Reveals Best Thing About Working for MTV: ‘They Feed Us’

TCA 2015: “They gave us a lunch break and everyone was freaking out,” Hall says

YouTube star and former “American Idol” contestant Todrick Hall had some tasty words about the benefits of his MTV show “Todrick.”

“They feed us,” Hall joked Wednesday during his panel at TCA Summer TV Press Tour at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

“MTV brought us up and said ‘Hey, it’s lunchtime.’ We had no idea what to do! They gave us a lunch break and everyone was freaking out, like ‘We can’t sit down. We can’t take lunch.'”

Hall said that his ability to create viral videos relies on his and his team’s ability to get “the most creative concept out the fastest,” which meant they often had to work without breaks for long periods of time.

But Hall said that he is very mindful of the content he creates because of a very specific audience he is trying to please. “My mom watches every single video. I have to make something that my mom and my church back in Texas
would watch,” he said.

Hall also praised his creative team, which is comprised of only three people and himself. “When you go to a music video set, you have a team of 20-40 people. [Shawn Adeli] moves every single light, he shoots every single shot himself and edits every single thing of mine you see online.”

Hall also had kind words for his right-hand man Chester Lockhart and his personal makeup artist Nicole Faulkner. Faulkner also shared a humorous anecdote of when she first met Hall when she was working at a makeup counter. When she offered to help him find some products, he asked, “Do you have any black girls that work here?”