Patriots QB Tom Brady Drops F-Bomb After Controversial ‘Monday Night Football’ Ending (Video)

The game concluded on a non-call that will not soon be forgotten in New England

Tom Brady had some words for officials at the conclusion of the New England Patriots’ “Monday Night Football “loss to the Carolina Panthers — and they were not nice ones.

The Pats quarterback  dropped at least one audible F-bomb before that local ESPN microphone was cut off, as the so-called Golden Boy angrily chased refs off the field and into the tunnel after they picked up a flag thrown on the final play of the game.

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On the play, the team down four points, Brady desperately targeted tight end Rob Gronkowski in the back of the endzone. The ball was intercepted, ending the game. But a penalty flag was thrown — and games cannot end on a defensive penalty.

It appeared to most viewers — including this journalist — that the receiver was held, face-guarded and interfered with — all no-nos in the National Football League (and pretty much all leagues). The back judge — positioned directly in front of the action — threw the flag, signaling a penalty against Carolina. This would have placed the ball at the one-yard-line for another play.

However, after a conference, the refs picked up the yellow flag. Game over, but the conversation was just getting started for Brady.

Watch the video: