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Tom Cruise Is a Good Sport About James Corden’s Dumb Riverboat Business Idea (Video)

”The Mummy“ star really gets into the ship’s ”Risky Business“ contest and ”Cocktail“ menu

James Corden is a late-night host full of ideas. Unfortunately, some of them are terrible.

The “Late Late Show” host dragged Tom Cruise into his latest scheme — a riverboat venture on London’s River Thames. Their ride was renamed Tom’s Cruise on the River James Corden, of course. The whole ship was an homage to Cruise’s films (the “Top Gun” room exists in the “Hallway to the Danger Zone,” naturally) and to Corden’s talk show.

Guess which section was more popular among the passengers?

The trip started off with a “Risky Business” sock-sliding contest. Next, Cruise served up some cocktails because, well, “Cocktail.”

Everyone was really into Tom’s deck, which meant no one was down to go up to James’ “Corden’d Off Area.” Soon, the CBS personality was trying to pay people off just to hang out with him. Even that didn’t work, which led to a rift between Corden and his on-water business partner.

The two eventually made up to the classic Righteous Brothers tune from “Top Gun.” As Cruise put it, “There is no Maverick without Goose.”

Unfortunately, Goose dies in the movie. Sorry, James — but at least you got a new viral video for your troubles. Readers can watch this one above.