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Tom Welling on Reprising Superman Role for ‘Supergirl': ‘It Would Be Kind of Odd’

Actor stars in new Nicholas Sparks adaptation ”The Choice,“ hitting theaters Feb. 5

“Smallville” star Tom Welling thinks it would be “kind of odd” to reprise the role of Clark Kent on CBS’ “Supergirl.”

“There’s people who would like it… there’s people who don’t like it but I will tell you that no one has ever actually asked me to do it,” he told Buzzfeed’s Jarett Wieselman, who shared the quote on Twitter. “So, I don’t know. It would be kind of odd. I don’t know who he is at that point. He would obviously be Superman.”

CBS has already tapped a former “Smallville” actress to star in “Supergirl.” Laura Vandervoort, who played Kara/Supergirl on the CW series, was cast for the recurring role of Indigo.

“Smallville” followed Kent during his teenage years in his eponymous hometown, where he clashed with Lex Luthor and other villains while trying to live a normal life. The series debuted in 2001 and ran for 10 seasons before ending in 2011, when the character finally fully embraced his superhero alter ego.

The series paved the way for current superhero shows, including “Arrow,” “The Flash,” “Supergirl,” “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,” “Jessica Jones” and “Daredevil.” In his interview with Buzzfeed, the Welling called the success of the TV superheroes “a compliment.”

“I’m very proud of shows like ‘Arrow’ [and] ‘The Flash … They’re able to ground these characters so that the viewer can relate on a human level to people who used to be only in two dimensions,” he said.

While Welling doesn’t think he will play Kent again anytime soon, his fans can see him on the big screen next month in “The Choice,” a Nicholas Sparks novel adaptation, which premieres on Feb. 5.

See Wieselman’s tweet below.