Tomi Lahren Drags Jimmy Kimmel on ‘Fox & Friends': ‘He Thinks He’s Funny’

The Fox News contributor says that talk show hosts who only hit conservatives aren’t funny

Tomi Lahren laced into Jimmy Kimmel on Wednesday, blasting the comedian for his recent forays into politics.

“The political genius of our time,” Lahren said of Kimmel during an early morning appearance on “Fox & Friends” Wednesday. “He thinks he is funny, but what he doesn’t realize is just because all his friends are liberal, just because everybody that he speaks to is liberal, doesn’t mean his audience is liberal,” she said.

Lahren, a Fox News contributor, said that she was disheartened by the recent trend of late-night comics to exclusively making fun of Republicans.

“Late-night talk show hosts have always poked fun at government, at the president, of other sitting members and that was okay,” she said. “But now it’s changed. Now it’s just an attack on Trump and attack on conservatives.”

The conversation was precipitated by remarks Kimmel made in a Tuesday interview on “Good Morning America,” in which he defended the growing politicization of his show

“I don’t think you can go too far,” said Kimmel. “We’ve matured enough to the point where we can accept late night talk show hosts speaking about a serious subject. It’s almost necessary now.”

“Is it serious or just anti-conservative?” sneered “Fox & Friends” co-host Brian Kilmeade.

Kimmel, like many late-night comedians, has taken an increasingly political and anti-Trump turn over the last year. Kimmel himself has often dedicated monologues to political issues that he feels passionately about, like protecting access to health care.

For her part, Lahren appears to be fully back in the good graces of Fox News after she briefly vanished from the airwaves for calling Democratic Rep. Joe Kennedy a “limp d—.”