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Rapper Wale Trolls Tomi Lahren in Song and on Twitter

And Wale fans can’t seem to get Tomi’s name right

TheBlaze host Tomi Lahren is caught up in a hip-hop feud after rapper Wale mentioned her name in a diss track. But the conservative commentator doesn’t mind being named, she just wants it pronounced correctly.

Wale mentioned Lahren on a new track titled “Smile,” and says that she is “miss-educated anyway,” also mentioning a recent conversation between Lahren and radio personality Charlemagne Tha God.

Wale fired back at her tweet on Wednesday morning, calling her “Tammy” on Twitter.

Meanwhile, Wale’s fans are chiming in with their thoughts on the situation and they appear to take pleasure in getting her name wrong.

Lahren responded, calling him “Whale.”

Lahren made waves late last year when she appeared on “The Daily Show” and sparred with Trevor Noah over protests to Donald Trump’s presidential election victory and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Eventually during the appearance, the 24-year-old Lahren famously claimed she doesn’t “see color,” which drew laughs and gasps from the Comedy Central crowd.

“I am your worst nightmare,” Lahren said on her show following the “Daily Show” appearance. “I don’t care what you label me or how many times you come for me. I am fearless and I’m just getting started.”

Listen to that new Wale track here and keep your ears peeled for mention of Lahren: