Tony Scott Stars in Brother Ridley’s Movie as a Teen (Video)

In "Boy and Bicycle," Tony Scott portrayed a teenager playing hooky

Tony Scott, who died Sunday at age 68 of an apparent suicide, is best known for his work behind the camera. But in "Boy and Bicycle," a 1962 film shot by his older brother Ridley Scott, the director wasn't averse to playing leading man.

The black-and-white film, which Ridley shot on 16mm film with a spring-wound camera, stars Tony as a teenager playing hooky from school, riding his bike through the town of Hartlepool as he spends time at the beach and a fair and muses about a variety of topics.

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"Boy and Bicycle" was made with post-production funding from the British Film Institute, which also funded Tony's first short film, 1969's "One of the Missing."

Watch Tony Scott star in "Boy and Bicycle" below.