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Top Google Question of Democratic Debate: ‘Will Hillary Clinton Get Prosecuted?’

Internet users puzzle over Clinton’s current legal status during Sunday’s showdown of liberal Presidential candidates

Hillary Clinton probably wishes Google users were searching for something different about her after Sunday’s Democratic Presidential debate.

According to Google analytics, the most-searched question related to Clinton on Sunday night was, “Will Hillary Clinton get prosecuted?” Users also searched for “What did Hillary Clinton do that is illegal?” and “Is Hillary Clinton a Democrat?”

Fellow Democratic Presidential hopeful Martin O’Malley didn’t fare much better in the Internet searches, with Google users submitting queries like, “Is Martin O’Malley still running for President?” and “What does Martin O’Malley do?”

Rounding out the Democratic field, people wanted to know things about Bernie Sanders like, “Why is Bernie Sanders so popular?” and “Can Bernie Sanders win?”

During the debate, the three remaining Democratic candidates traded jabs on issues like healthcare, with Clinton claiming that Sanders would essentially dismantle President Obama’s Affordable Care Act.

“We finally have a path to universal healthcare, we’ve accomplished so much already. I don’t want to see us start over again with a contentious debate,” she said. “I want us to defend and build the Affordable Care Act and improve it.”

Sanders shot back that Clinton’s claims were “nonsense.” “I’m on the committee that wrote the Affordable Care Act … I voted for it,” he said. “But right now what we have to deal with is that 29 million people still have no health insurance. We are paying the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs and still getting ripped off.”