Trevor Noah Addresses Apple Backlash With ‘Steve Jobs’ Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin

“West Wing” creator tells “Daily Show” host he is “absolutely done with Silicon Valley, you don’t want to make these people mad at you”

Comedy Central

Trevor Noah continued his impressive first month at the helm of “The Daily Show” by addressing the backlash over the upcoming movie about Apple co-founder and former CEO Steve Jobs with screenwriter Aaron Sorkin on Tuesday night.

Noah pointed out that some of the Apple community have claimed that “this is not Steve Jobs, the way you’ve portrayed him is incorrect. He was a nice man, he was a friendly man, you’ve made him look mean,” Noah pointed out to Sorkin.

Sorkin offered the simple reply of, “the people saying that have not seen the movie so they don’t know what I’ve made him like. But I apologize right away anyway because I realize that [Apple headquarters] is a building full of people that can hack into my hard drive and do anything they want,” he said.

After already being involved last year’s Sony hack, the “West Wing” creator added that he was “absolutely done with Silicon Valley. You don’t want to make these people mad at you.”

“This movie is not a biopic … you don’t land on the character’s greatest hits along the way,” he continued, explaining that the film is set in real-time during a product launch and Jobs deals with the conflicts he has along the way, including with his eldest daughter, Lisa.

As for Sorkin’s own personal experiences with Apple products, he told the South African comedian: “I don’t understand tech at all, it takes me five minutes to find the power button on my Mac. When I took this job I told the studio I would need someone to advise me.

“So they sent me Steve Wozniak,” but after a phone call with the genius Apple co-founder, Sorkin told the studio: “I am going to need a seventh grade science teacher” instead.

Steve Jobs” stars Michael Fassbender, Seth RogenKate Winslet, Katherine Waterston and Jeff Daniels, and is directed by Danny Boyle. It hits theaters on Friday, Oct. 9.

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