Trevor Noah Mocks 1st Biden-Trump Debate: ‘Trump Did More Interrupting Than Kanye West in a Room Full of Taylor Swifts’ (Video)

“Chris Wallace was *this close* to looking at Trump and saying, ‘N—-, you got to shut the f— up!’

Trevor Noah gave his initial reaction to the first presidential debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump Tuesday night. And after saying “What was that??!” the “Daily Show” host got into his actual analysis of the Chris Wallace-moderated showdown, which he said featured Trump doing “more interrupting than Kanye West in a room full of Taylor Swifts.”

“First thing’s first, we need to new debate rules, people. Chris Wallace, thank you for your service and I hope you have a lot of money for your therapy. You made a valiant effort, but you were not ready for this — because no human being could have been ready for this,” Noah said. “They don’t need a moderator for this thing, they need a UFC ref. Dana White, get on it!”

Noah joked that right at that moment, POTUS was “still in his bedroom complaining about how Crooked Hillary rigged the election that he won.”

“I mean, at one point, Chris Wallace was *this close* to looking at Trump and saying, ‘N—-, you got to shut the f— up!’ That was Chris Wallace losing his mind! So look, moderators, you need to figure out how to handle Trump at a debate, because this is not good for the nation.”

The Comedy Central late-night host says the Fox News anchor’s attempts to cut Trump off by saying “please” weren’t enough. “Have you ever asked a toddler please? ‘Please, put down the matches.’ Your house will be burned down around you!”

Noah suggested giving the next moderator a spray bottle or giving Trump $100 for every time he lets Biden finish a sentence.


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