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Tribune Not Finished Canning Top Execs (Report)

More firings could be announced during Wednesday’s earnings call

One week after Tribune Publishing parted ways with former CEO Jack Griffin, additional top executives could be sent packing.

According to Politico, Griffin’s hand-picked team of corporate execs will lose their jobs, too.

New Tribune chairman Michael Ferro has been shaking things up, even causing a stir by using the L.A. Times’ tickets to the Oscars. He’s expected to speak during tomorrow’s earnings call and that call will reportedly include the news of additional housecleaning.

New York-based executives Denise Warren, Mark Campbell, Rajiv Pant and Mohit Pandey and Michael Rooney are among the big names that were brought in by Griffin. Ferro reportedly decided to make additional changes because he’s dedicated on a broad strategic rethink along with focusing management in Chicago and Los Angeles.

Another change that Politico ruminates is combing the publisher and editor roles for L.A. Times editor Davan Maharaj. The cost-saving move would mirror Ferro’s 2013 decision to promote Chicago Sun-Times editor Jim Kirk to the publisher’s job.