Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Talks Politics With College Kids (Video)

It’s been a great primary race… for Triumph to poop on

The New Hampshire primary might be over, but¬†Triumph the Insult Comic Dog isn’t ready to stop talking politics.

“Triumph’s Election Special 2016” is now streaming on Hulu. The special features Triumph reporting from various states, chasing down Ted Cruz, attending town halls and even appearing at a Donald Trump rally.

He also¬†talks to young voters about gender identification, how to properly address a female student, and how to define the term “trigger warning.”

“In this video there will be the clear depiction of a dog pretending to be interested in what a college student is saying, while at the same time making plans to pleasure himself to her,” Triumph says.

That’s not going to win him any votes.

Alan Dershowitz and Sanjaya also join Triumph for a spirited roundtable discussion.