‘True Blood’ Final Season Teaser Ominously Warns: ‘There’s No One Left’ (Video)

Sookie Stackhouse can’t save them all

The “True Blood” vampires are not going down without a fight — unfortunately, neither are humans.

The HBO drama’s Season 7 teaser promises the ongoing war between the two sides will come to a climax this summer — and it won’t be pretty or peaceful.

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The 35-second teaser for the final run of the New Orleans-based drama also includes some shots fired at FEMA, which has a not-so-positive history in the Gulf: “How can this be happening?” Sookie (Anna Paquin) wonders aloud in the clip. “In the country, in this day and age, that our government would leave us for dead?”

Sink your teeth into the final season of “True Blood” June 22 on HBO.

Watch the video: