‘True Detective’ Deleted Scene: Watch Matthew McConaughey’s Romantic Relationship Crumble (Video)

Det. Rust Cohle had a no-kid policy that his girlfriend didn’t know about

For better or worse, the “True Detective” Season 1 finale didn’t wrap every aspect of the show up in a nice bow, and one of the mysteries was what went wrong between Matthew McConaughey‘s character and his girlfriend.

A deleted scene (above) from the critically-acclaimed HBO drama gives some sort of closure.

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As any fan of the series would expect, it was Rust Cohle’s bleak philosophy about life that pushed nice nurse Laurie Spencer (Elizabeth Reaser) away. But the clip that never made it to air gives the particular cause: the detective’s no kids policy that he made after his daughter’s death years before he met Marty Hart (Woody Harrelson).

“No, Laurie. It’s not about you,” Cohle tells his future ex. “I wouldn’t have children with anyone.”

The detective, whose mind was plagued with dark visions throughout his eight-episode character arc, calls it “a philosophical decision.”

Laurie calls it “bullshit.”