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Trump Owns 3,000 Domain Names Including TrumpFraud.com, TrumpMustGo.com

After boasting that Trump University had a 98 percent approval rating, he registered 98percentApproval.com

Donald Trump bought at least 3,643 website domains before he reached the White House, CNNMoney reported.

After he launched his presidential campaign, Trump’s buying spree continued: he bought 93 of them, including TrumpEmpire.com, which had belonged to a Mexican cybersquatter who forgot to renew his registration before Trump scooped it.

CNN combed through 20 years of internet records using DomainTools to investigate. Some other website domains Trump allegedly bought include TrumpOrganization.com and TrumpBuilding.org. But he also nabbed domains like TrumpScam.com and TrumpFraud.com.

A representative for Trump has not yet responded to TheWrap’s request for comment.

According to CNN, Trump has a storied history of buying domains featuring his name. In 2007, he purchased TrumpNetwork.com before he launched a multi-level marketing company which are “often accused of being pyramid schemes.” Before he launched the Trump Network in 2009, he bought TrumpMultiLevelMarketing.com, TrumpNetworkFraud.com, TrumpNetworkPyramidScheme.com and TrumpNetworkPonziScheme.com. He sold the business in 2012.

He also took the same precautionary measures for Trump University, where he registered 157 versions across the United States and Puerto Rico. It closed in 2011 after being accused of fraud in 2010. Two days before Trump was sworn in as president, he wrote a check for $25 million to settle the fraud complaints. At the time, he boasted the school had a 98 percent approval rating — and soon after registered 98percentApproval.com in July 2013.

In 2012, CNN reported that Trump bought VoteAgainstTrump.com, TrumpMustGo.com and NoMoreTrump.com. A few years later, he nabbed MakeAmericaGreatAgain.vote and MakeAmericaGreatAgain.us. All the registrant information for the 3,643 domain names route to the Trump Organization’s general counsel. The vast majority are just blank pages, while about 400 of them redirect you to Trump websites.