Trump-Palin 2012? Their Just-Folks Pizza Summit (Video)

Study footage of their completely casual and authentic meal

Is this the 2012 GOP Dream Team?

Reality TV stars Sarah Palin and Donald Trump met in New York Tuesday — and did it over pizza, to prove once again that potential presidential candidates are just like us.

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Of course, neither of them are declared candidates. Trump said he won't run — before saying he couldn't rule it out. And Palin is just traveling the country in a bus because, well, she likes that sort of thing, not because she might possibly be planning a run for office, or trying to get attention by pretending she might be.

They met at Famiglia pizza in Times Square — a savvy move in two ways. One: Pizza is quintessentially New York, at least to people who don't live here. So Trump seems like a good host, and Palin seems interested in the local flavor. Two: Times Square is the least New Yorky part of New York, which signals to Palin's base that she isn't overly comfortable with all the weirdos and elites.

Their not-at-all-staged sitdown invites us to explore questions aplenty about their worthiness to lead: Do they look comfortable with the pizza, or do they have manservants cut it up for them? Did they wait for a table? Why aren't they bringing pizza to people in Joplin, Mo.?

Finally: Would either of them ever agree to be the other's VP?

Make your own decisions by watching footage of the meal, captured by an enterprising citizen and posted on YouTube for all to scrutinize (Warning: Contains hand gestures and napkin dabbing, but no actual pizza consumption. That stuff is loaded with carbs):