Can Trump Return to Movies and TV Shows After His SAG-AFTRA Resignation?

The fact that Trump is now non-union talent might be yet another reason for producers to steer clear of him

Donald Trump has decided he would rather leave SAG-AFTRA than be expelled, telling the guild in a letter sent Thursday that he is resigning his membership from the actors’ guild. But what does that mean for his future media plans?

Legally speaking, no longer holding a SAG-AFTRA card doesn’t mean the former president can’t appear in TV or movie cameos like the ones he made before entering the White House, including “Home Alone 2” and “Saturday Night Live.” Guild insiders tell TheWrap said that Trump’s resignation would not bar him from future cameos or making future media appearances for himself through his own projects, either through a new media venture or through news networks that supported him like Newsmax or OAN.

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Jeremy Fuster

Box Office Reporter • • Twitter: @jeremyfuster