TV News Weather Girl Crams ‘Star Wars’ Puns Into 40-Second Forecast (Video)

“If you Luke father west you’ll be seeing a layer of sunshine,” weathercaster says

“The Force Awakens” fever is spreading around the world, especially in the U.K.

A British weather girl proved the Force was very strong when she crammed countless “Star Wars” puns into a 40-second forecast.

Sian Welby of Channel 5 delivered the inside jokes in a flawless, deadpan style that would fool any Stormtrooper.

“Well it’s another unusually day, mild day today with a Leia of cloud covering the UK — but if you Luke father west you’ll be seeing a layer of sunshine, if you’re Wookiee,” she began, when describing Britain’s winter weather (which is in Celsius not Fahrenheit).

“There will be a fairly light breeze — the Force is strong, though, for northern Scotland. And tonight the weather strikes back,” she continued.

“Far, far away towards the south east of England, there’s a new hope for some sunshine.”

Welby even managed to drop Stormtroopers, “The Empire Strikes Back,” the Dark Side and more into her  intergalactic wordplay.

Watch the video above and see how many “Star Wars’ references you can spot.