TV Reporter Attacked Live On-Air by Man in Hockey Mask (Video)

“Put the camera on me!” man yells before shoving reporter CeFaan Kim of ABC7 NY

CeFaan Kim ABC7 NY

CeFaan Kim encountered one of the occupational hazards of on-the-scene television reporting on Friday night: Being confronted by a random hothead while live on the air.

Kim, a reporter with New York station ABC 7, was accosted and physically attacked by a man wearing a hockey mask as the camera rolled.

In video of the incident posted by Kim on Twitter, the man is seen approaching Kim and putting his arm around the reporter.

“Put the camera on me,” the man is heard saying in the video, before repeatedly yelling, “What’s up?”

And then things got physical, with the unidentified attacker tangling with Kim and pushing him, causing him to stumble, before the assailant lifted his hockey mask, providing a clear shot of his face.

Kim is asking the public to reach out to law enforcement if they have seen the assaulter.

“This is the man who attacked me last night during a live broadcast,” Kim tweeted on Saturday. “If anyone has seen him around please give the 7th precinct a call.” That number is (212) 477-7311.

Watch the incident in the video below.