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TV Reporter Defends Fatherless ‘Young Black Men’ Comment: ‘I Was Trying to Add Context and Balance’ (Video)

”I knew there would be some consequences,“ News 12’s Sean Bergin says during a Fox News appearance

Former News 12 New Jersey reporter Sean Bergin was trying to add “context and balance” when he ended a news story about the death of a police officer by declaring that inner-city violence is caused by “young black men growing up without fathers.”

Bergin, who quit the station after being suspended and then demoted, appeared on Fox News program “The Kelly File” on Wednesday to discuss his decision to speak out on the issue, which he expected would have “some consequences.”

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“I was trying to add some context and balance. Look, there’s no doubt that I went off the reservation. I made a couple of rogue remarks at the end. I knew what I was doing,” Bergin told host Megyn Kelly in the interview (above). “I knew there would be some consequences. I knew there would be some ramifications. I thought maybe I’d get a reprimand, maybe a temporary suspension.”

Bergin risked his job because “someone has to have the guts to stand up and point at this,” and said the backlash he has received is sending a negative message to others who want to start the conversation about “fatherless young men” contributing to “antiauthoritarianism” that may lead to more violence.

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“Don’t speak out. Just stay silent,” Bergin said. “It’s safer that way. You’ll keep your job.”

His next job remains “a very open question.”

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