9 Things to Expect on ‘The Glades’ Season 4: Ghosts, Zombies, Strippers and That Marriage Proposal

The cast reveals what's coming up on the South Florida-based A&E crime procedural

The team from A&E's "The Glades" is back on the case.

The crime drama that focuses on Det. Jim Longworth's (Matt Passmore) offbeat investigation style and the dedicated Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) team that tries to keep up with him, returns Memorial Day Monday with its first episode of Season 4 debuting at 9 p.m./8c.

While the series takes on a new crime every episode, there has been one mystery that remains unsolved from Season 3: Did Callie (Kiele Sanchez) accept Jim's marriage proposal?

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"You don't actually get to see my answer," Sanchez, whose character attends medical school in Atlanta, told reporters during a visit ro the show's Fort Lauderdale-area set earlier this year.

Apparently, there's a bit of a time jump between the two seasons. So, what can Sanchez tell us about her answer? 

"I think that [Jim] understands Callie probably better than everyone else around him does. I think everyone else around them are a little nervous that she is mulling it over or has any hesitation. And, I think that he believes in them and I think also trusts her and her process."

Aside from the possible engagement, the cast members revealed a little more about the cases tackled and what we'll learn about their characters on the show's fourth season.

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Here are eight more things to expect on Season 4:

2. Zombie Beach: "I think you’re going to see wackier cases," Carlos Gomez, who plays forensic pathologist Carlos Sanchez, said. "We have a zombie thing coming around." Gomez said the episode is inspired by last year's attack on a Miami homeless man, whose face was chewed on by a man high on a street drug called "bath salts."

3. Ghosts, too: "We start with a 'Scooby-Doo' episode," Passmore said. "So, we get a little bit of spooky to start off with." No, the series isn't turning supernatural on us, but the premiere episode does deal with what Jordan Wall, who plays interning medical examiner Daniel Green, called "the great beyond." "[It's] going to cause some trepidation with some people in the cast, particularly Carlos," Wall said.

4. Florida Flava: Fans have met Carlos' family on previous seasons, but it's time to explore their culture. "We did a Quinceañera episode that was really great and people loved the episode, because it brings out more of my culture… and what we do here in Miami as Cubans," Gomez, who's Cuban-American, said.

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5. Meet Daniel's brother: The series also delves into Daniel's family life this season. "Daniel has a little sibling to play with," Wall revealed. To be fair, he's not that "little." "Mean Girls" star Jonathan Bennett guest stars as Drew Green. "They bounce things off one another in very opposite manners. You learn why he is who he is and how it juxtaposes against their members in this family."

6. Magic Jim?: Passmore teased an upcoming episode that involves a crime revolving around the world of stripping. "I may be a little disturbed by all the imagery I see," the Australian actor said. So, does that mean Jim gets in on the action? "The horrible thing about a beer gut is it shows through no matter what," he joked. Passmore did reveal that the episode begins with the belief that one of their own had been killed, which begins the episode with a "'The Glades' gets serious" tone, he said, before cracking another joke about a stripper in a cop costume.

7. Don't put Colleen in a corner. Last season, the show introduced FDLE Bureau Chief Jennifer Starke (Taylor Cole) as a possible romantic interest for Jim with Callie out of state at school. The side affect of that was that she sidelined Lt. Manus. "Colleen is back in charge," Michelle Hurd, who plays the FDLE's director, told reporters. "I believe it’s safe to say that [Jennifer is] not coming back here. So, that storyline is done."

"'If there’s a question, just come to me,'" she continued. "'You don’t need to talk to anybody else. Just come to me.' And, that is true right now."

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8. No more romantic temptations for Jim. With Jennifer gone, Passmore said there won't be any more women coming in between him and Callie. "I made [the producers] promise at the end of last season, I was like, 'No more women,'" he said. "Let's get down to it. Let's start exploring some relationship stuff. Rather than just 'Oh, watch out, because I might fall for this person."

9. Boy to man: Over the past couple seasons, Callie's son, Jeff, began acting out and that will be downplayed on Season 4. "I’m a teenager, it’s going to happen," Uriah Shelton said about his character. "But, you’re definitely going to know that I do love [mom Callie] and I do care about her and I put her before me. So, you’re going to see a more sensitive and nicer relationship develop between us, at least so far, I hope."

Plus, it sounds like he may have a bit of a distraction this season. "I can definitely tell you that Jeff’s going to be experiencing some, uh, crushes," he teased.