Alec Baldwin, David Letterman Drop Trou and Talk Paparazzi (Video)

Baldwin says he pushed back photographer, but didn't punch him

Alec Baldwin tried to clear the air about a recent run in with a photographer — after dropping his pants.

Baldwin, who had a run-in this week with a photographer from the New York Daily News, appeared on "The Late Show" to talk about his new Woody Allen film, "From Rome With Love." But first he announced that he's lost so much weigh lately that his pants fall down easily. And demonstrated. (See "Late Show" photo, left.)

Letterman was inspired to drop trou as well, but did it behind the guest chairs, so no one would see.

Baldwin then explained the paparazzi incident, which landed him on the cover of the Daily News (See Daily News photo, below right.) He's seen shoving a photographer who Baldwin said has a gift for shoving the camera right into his subject's face to try to draw a reaction.

Baldwin explained that he didn't punch the man — saying that if he had, he would have deserved to go to jail. If he had been arrested, he said, he would have pressed assault charges against the photographer — and then they would have ended up in jail together.

“You don’t want to know what would happen in the jail cell if we were together in the jail cell,” Baldwin said.

He also explained what he's saying to the photographer in the Daily News image.

“I think you can see, I’m forming the letter ‘F’ with my mouth," Baldwin said. "And what I’m saying is — I said to him as I walked up to him, ‘What F-stop are you on with the camera?’”

Watch a clip: