Alec Baldwin Says He’s Been Hacked and May Leave Twitter

The “30 Rock” actor hints that he may end his social-media experiment after just two weeks

Alec Baldwin's Twitter account has been hacked and may leave the social-media site as a result — or so he claimed Wednesday on his highly entertaining feed

"It's official," he tweeted around 11 p.m. ET on Tuesday. "I've been hacked. I am NOT kidding." The Emmy-winning "30 Rock" actor followed up in the morning with "I can't believe I was hacked."

While some commenters question whether he's merely regretting a few tweets after drinking what he described Tuesday night as "three fingers of Courvoisier," Baldwin also hinted the following harbinger of his impending potential Twitter doom: "Very good possibility that this means good bye twitter."

If Baldwin is joking and does close his account after just two-plus weeks, his most recent tweet may have been his best. "If my hacker sends a photo of me, please make me look either gorgeous or awe-inspiring," he wrote, echoing his Huffington Post essay about the Anthony Weiner photo scandal.